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Sometimes, less is more.
2016 PUMP! Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap

Time and time again, men have been asked the age-old question that dares to visualize what’s going on “downstairs” : Boxers or Briefs? 

While Boxers and Briefs are both great underwear styles that hold their own – it seems that other underwear designs have been left out, forgotten, or even avoided due to their more risque appeal and look. 

With that being said, let’s gear our attention over to the Jockstrap, and why we think it’s time for every man to adapt their wardrobe with this practical and alluring underwear fashion. 

PUMP! 2016 Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap


It’s no unknown fact that keeping your privates feeling fresh and sweat-free throughout the day is practically impossible. The second things heat up, whether through working out at the gym, sitting prolonged hours at the office, or even while just relaxing at home, your junk is bound to clam up, trapping moisture and sweat inside your boxer or brief underwear. Now, bring in the Jockstrap, which leaves your rear completely free from any material restriction, and is accompanied by a small highly engineered pouch that rests easy against your private area. With no heavy materials constricting the body, the Jockstrap allows maximum breathability so you can work and play as hard as you want without worry that sweat, moisture, or skin irritation will occur. Why bother dealing with any type of discomforting fabrics or encapturing underwear styles, when you can feel as free as you’ve always desired. 

PUMP! 2016 Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap


Everyone wants to show off the goods that they’ve got, and what better way to really make a statement, than with an added lift to make your package look heftier and your butt look tighter and firmer. The Jockstrap consists of two lifting counterparts: the pouch, and the elastic rear lifts. The Jockstrap pouch is crafted to support solely the man’s privates, as it lifts and holds a man’s penis with a secure and snug fit that bulges up to really show off the goods he’s got rocking in the front. Subsequently, the elastic rear lifts rest easy against the lower buttocks, pushing them to rise up in a comfortable and firming manner, giving any man the much desired bubble butt look. A Jockstrap will help fill your trousers in the best ways possible, and we can guarantee, all eyes will be lusting to see more. 

PUMP! 2016 Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap


Let’s get real: a Jockstrap is one of the more minimalistic underwear styles out there, focusing all the attention on the man’s private areas. Additionally, Jockstraps are known to have bold and daring waistbands and color palettes that only look hotter when contrasted against a man’s skin. So whether you’re about to get lucky in the bedroom, or you’re underwear peeks out through your jeans throughout the day, it’s undoubtable that all eyes will be right where you want them, giving everyone a small taste of the bigger things hidden within. A Jockstrap holds an erotic playfulness while leaving an aura of curiosity that will turn on those around you. 

PUMP! 2016 Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap


Less is more really proves true with the Jockstrap. Crafted with a waistband, pouch, and elastics, the Jockstrap is an unintrusive and “barely there” underwear. The Jockstrap acts as a second skin, having men feel as though they are not actually wearing any underwear at all – though reveling in the fact that they do receive all the support that one would receive from wearing any other underwear style, and even more so. Due to its free-form based technological aesthetic, men do not have any form of compression against their legs, thighs, buttocks, or even against their crotch, allowing for maximum mobility of movement without constraint. Furthermore, because the rear lifts and waistband are elastic, the Jockstrap fully adapts to the man’s body without any wear or tear against the underwear, nor tightness against the man’s abdomen and buttock. 

PUMP! 2016 Benefits of The Jock / Jockstrap

Expand your underwear wardrobe and let your body do the talking with the Jockstrap. Perfect for an athletic and active lifestyle, as an everyday underwear staple, as a nighttime temperature raiser, or for casual fun and wild day or night use, the Jockstrap is an underwear that is climbing up in popularity due to its incredibly practical benefits and alluringly hot style statement. Don’t miss the bandwagon and get your Jockstrap today! 


Bryant Wood in PUMP! Fever Jock

Any fitness enthusiast or health fanatic has heard of Bryant Wood, one of the newest successes in the fitness training and modelling world.  Featured on countless magazine covers, store decals, and more, PUMP! is thrilled to have had Wood featured in our photo campaigns – where he truly shined and produced an outstanding final product.

Seeing as he’s one of our most popular models, we decided to feature the esteemed bodybuilder and model for an exclusive interview with PUMP!

Check out the interview with Bryant Wood



by The Underwear Expert

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The PUMP! Frost line includes a brief and a jogger in what could be the brand’s most gently-styled design to-date. They use a mellow color contrast that’s a little winter-y, but even then still bright enough for summer. But because this is PUMP!, that subdued attitude still simmers (or shivers?) with athleticism.

The boxers also provide a graceful, classic look to the man in them. The white gives off a masculine Grace Kelly vibe, if that’s even a thing. And we definitely appreciate how it shows off our junk – both in the trunk and otherwise.

Light blue cotton and white mesh give both underwear styles a soft appearance. Similar to some other PUMP! joggers, the Frost Jogger ($32) has its mesh panels on the legs. This gives PUMP! joggers a great feeling of breathability and a fit that is noticeably light. It’s easy to wear and easy on the eyes. It lets your boys breathe and provides a nice amount of stretch, so you can move any way you desire – in the gym, on the job, or at home.

The Frost Brief ($28) is just as breathable, and a little more sexy. The brief cut leaves the wearer more exposed, and the mesh pouch is as provocative as it is comfortable. Both the Frost Brief and Frost Jogger use the blue cotton for their backside coverage.

The PUMP! Frost line is available in sizes S-XL.

Does your summer style usually get brighter, more colorful, or both? Let us know in the comments below.


by BangAndStrike.com
PUMP Calendar 2015

You have to love PUMP’s imagery – these guys don’t cut corners when it comes to getting the best shots of their underwear.  They’ve been working with fantastic models and a world-renowned photographer (*cough* Rick Day! *cough*), so naturally we’re excited to announce: the PUMP calendar 2015 is here!

PUMP Calendar 2015 Jake Bass

Back in September BANG+STRIKE teamed up with PUMP underwear to offer the two winners of the #BANGANDPUMP competition the chance to land a once-in-a-lifetime photoshoot with photography giant Rick Day.

3 months later and you can finally see the results! Adriano Balestra and Dan Bevan were the two guys that impressed the most and bagged themselves the most likes on Instagram, winning the free trip to Montréal, Canada and securing their spots in the PUMP calendar 2015. In fact, Dan took such a good picture that he’ll be gracing kitchen fridges globally for both July AND December…

PUMP Calendar 2015 Bryant Wood

If July’s too long a wait though, we’ve got an exclusive preview of the awesome shots before the PUMP calendar 2015 is even available in the UK – with the likes of Jake Bass, Bryant Wood, Brandon Cole Bailey, and more familiar PUMP faces!

PUMP Calendar 2015

You’ll probably recognise August’s PUMP! boy too – Jared Ferguson missed out on the competition but PUMP were so impressed by him they approached him to shoot anyway!




Jock straps are becoming increasingly widespread as fashion garments and as a more comfortable, supportive alternative to typical underwear – but what is the history of the jockstrap? Modern jock straps may often go down the sexier route but the origins of the jock aren’t quite as glamorous

History of the Jockstrap - PUMP!'s range

As you’ve probably guessed, the history of the jockstrap started in the world of sport. More specifically – cyclists who were having a rough time on the cobbled streets of Boston, MA. Too much jostling and .. well you can imagine. The jock strap was designed by the company BIKE in 1874 as an “athletic supporter” that would protect the cyclists’ goolies as they cycled about. Hence the name ‘BIKE’ which, if you’ve seen it on a modern jock, may well have you thinking the wrong thing…

1941 Jockstrap Ad

In fact you may assume that the word ‘jock strap’ is just something that an American ‘jock’ straps himself into… But it comes from the original name of the garment as a ‘jockey strap’ – not for a jockey on a horse,but a ‘jockey’ on a bike, or a deliveryman. In fact, the word ‘jock’ meaning ‘athlete’ comes from the fact they wear jock straps! Phew. Love a bit of etymology.

Wider usage of the jock strap came in 1927 when a Canadian company added a hard cup to give athletes protection against stray hockey pucks and studded boots. And since then it’s been a staple for North American ‘jocks’, without ever gaining quite as much popularity in Europe.

History of the Jockstrap - sporting roots

You may not be aware but there are a number of types of athletic jocks – from swimmer jocks designed to protect a swimmer’s modesty under his trunks to the traditional thick-banded athlete’s jockstrap. For hockey you can get ones with garter hooks to attach your socks to and super-protective ones for the unenviable job as goalie… The mind boggles.