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Dan Bevan - PUMP! Underwear

Dan Bevan


by Adam Lee from Bang And Strike

PUMP! Model - Dan Bevan - Models

If you follow BANG+STRIKE on Twitter or Facebook then you’ve probably already seen Mr Dan Bevan’s photos. Back in September 2014 we featured him when he became a finalist in the #BANGANDPUMP competition (which he then won!), and more recently in the 2015 PUMP! calendar – and so we thought it was only right we had a chat with the man himself!

Hailing from Vancouver, Canada, Dan was a relative unknown (apart from his sizeable Instagram follower count) – but it turns out the 25 year old has a lot to offer, and he’s a nice guy to boot!


Hey Dan, congratulations on the calendar images – they look awesome! How was Montreal? We gather you’re a Canada boy but it’s not quite your neck of the woods, right?

Montreal was beautiful. I have always wanted to go. I did a ton of walking around and checking out all the old buildings and parks and shopping. Old Montreal was gorgeous and i walked saint Catherine’s several times. I didn’t get to do any partying though, which nobody can seem to believe. I was too busy working out and NOT eating poutine [for confused Brits, it’s like French Canadian Chips ‘n’ Gravy!]

Talk us through the shoot – did you spend any time with the other boys? Make any friends?

The shoot was over two days and each model was given their 2 hours. The only other model that I met was one who was finishing up before me, but he was doing promo pics for the strip club there in Montreal. I do follow all the other boys on Instagram.

What was it like being shot by Rick Day? (with a camera, I mean..)

I loved Rick. He was so friendly and personable. He made me feel really comfortable on set and he had great direction – which isn’t surprising at all. I had been a fan of rick for years so working with him was a dream come true and a check off the top of my bucket list.

PUMP! Model - Dan Bevan - Models

So anyhow – when Dan Bevan isn’t taking underwear selfies, or being photoed in them by someone else, what does he get up to?

I am a full time bartender at 1181, a popular gay bar here in Vancouver. And during the day I like going to the gym, going for dinner with friends, painting, and eating while watching tv…..

Dare we ask how gruelling the gym routine is?

I try to  go to the gym 6 days a week. I love it though. I feel like I can’t continue my day until I’ve had a good workout. My diet is just as important to me though – lots of meat and eggs and raw veggies and no gluten.

You’ve got a massive following on Instagram and clearly you’re no stranger to being photographed – planning on taking the modelling any further?

I would definitely love to start modelling more this year. I’ve just recently discovered that it was an option for me, and that I actually really enjoy it.

We spotted a new neck tattoo – any more plans to expand the collection?

I always have at least 3 tattoo ideas at a time that I want to get. The plan is to one day be covered. But at this moment I am happy where I am and would like to focus a little more an a savings account.

Your totem tattoo on your chest is bold and pretty damn cool, what inspired you to get that?

My grandma is First Nations, and she’s the love of my life, so I got it to symbolize her. And as a west coast boy I have always been obsessed with native art.

Dan Bevan Instagram

Any exciting plans for 2015?

This year I want to set up my website for my art. I have been painting my entire life and I want to set up a site where I can sell prints of my art as well and print them as graphics on tshirts/muscle shirts/sweatshirts. I also want to take more trips!  (I am writing this on my plane to LA)

Some quick ones:

Boxers, briefs, or jocks? Or something else!


Sweatpants + romcom, or Partypants and drama?

I spend a lot of time working in a club, so when I am not working its sweatpants and romcoms all the way!

Celebrity crush?

Channing Tatum and Nick Jonas!!!!

Favourite PUMP undies?

The Raver brief was my favourite till I saw the Frost briefs at the shoot. They were the prototype so i didn’t get to keep them….

PUMP! Model - Dan Bevan - Models

And finally, cos some of our followers would hate us if we didn’t ask – single or taken? ; )

I am currently in a healthy relationship with myself and we are very happy : )

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