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Bryant Wood


PUMP! Model - Bryant Wood

Interview with Bryant Wood

  Any fitness enthusiast or health fanatic has heard of Bryant Wood, one of the newest successes in the fitness training and modelling world.  Featured on countless magazine covers, store decals, and more, PUMP! is thrilled to have had Wood featured in our photo campaigns – where he truly shined and produced an outstanding final product. Seeing as he’s one of our most popular models, we decided to feature the esteemed bodybuilder and model for an exclusive interview with PUMP!   Hey Bryant, thanks for taking the time for this interview.  You did such a great job in our campaign and the shots look fantastic.  We’d love to know more about Bryant Wood. I know you are a triplet, amongst your two brothers whom are also fitness enthusiasts.  How is your dynamic with each other? We are all different from each other in many ways but also very similar, we feed off of each others energy.   With your father owning several health franchises, fitness and health must have been a big part of your life.  Was that exposure what led to your wrestling and then fitness training and modeling career path? A: I think it definitely played a big part in it, being around that environment growing up definitely motivated me. I’ve never known any other lifestyle.   Your body is incredibly fit and toned.  Would you take us through a typical exercise regimen of yours? And how often a week do you workout? I workout basically every day. The first thing I like to do when I wake up is go and get my cardio done, and then later I will go lift. I usually breakup my workouts and hit one or two specific muscle groups a day. PUMP! Model - Bryant Wood   Do you have a strict diet and what is your food weak spot? How often do you cheat? I do have a fairly strict diet that I follow to maintain my physique. My food weak spot would have to be sweets, I’m a sucker for snacks or ice cream. I allow myself one or two cheat meals a week.   Did you find the transition from fitness trainer to fitness model to be difficult? Did you have any struggles with adapting to the modelling side of your career? The transition actually was pretty smooth, the knowledge I gained from fitness training helps me stay on track. I know what to do to stay in top shape as well as what my body is capable of. I got to turn something I am passionate about into a career.  

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We’ve seen that you are going to be on the upcoming season of America’s Next Top Model (ANTM).  Could you tell us what made you want to audition for the show and what the audition process like? Yea, ANTM Cycle 22 about to begin. I saw it as a chance to take my career further and get my name out there a little more. I wanted to show that muscular men can also do runway and high fashion. The audition process was very long, but it was an experience that I will never forget.   As a contestant on ANTM, did you have any struggles or conflicts that you had to surpass?  Do you think your body building status and previous modeling experience gave you an edge and/or step forward from the other contestants? There were times when I couldn’t sleep for a few days while on the show, so that was a struggle.  Having modeling experience I know my angles and how to work my body for photographs so I think that gave me a little bit of an advantage.   What was your favourite part about modelling on the series? And what is your favourite aspect of the modelling industry? My favorite part was getting to meet everyone, I made some really good friends from the show and I gained a lot of knowledge from Tyra and the other professionals. My favorite aspect of the modeling industry is that everyone is always chasing after what they want, you get to be creative and express yourself in different ways.  

And when you are not modelling or training, what does Bryant Wood love to do on his own time? In my free time I am usually taking a second to relax or catch up with some friends. I don’t get much downtime so when I do I really enjoy it.   Your Instagram following is at over 150K fans that follow your career and lifestyle.  It is undoubtable that you are already a hugely successful model and personality.  What are your plans for the future? There are so many different things I want to do and accomplish still. Right now I am shooting for a movie- so that is something new I am working on. There are a lot of things in the works so you will all have to stay tuned.

And now some fire-shot questions: boxers, briefs, jocks, or other? I’m not much of a boxers guy, definitely all about the briefs.   Describe yourself in three words. Ball. Of. Fury.   Describe your ideal partner in three words. Intelligent, outgoing, loyal. PUMP! Model - Bryant Wood