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A little sneak peak from our 2016 Calendar!

Doing the Titan Brief justice, here is a first look at our contest winner Nick Stracener’s pic:

Nick Stracener - PUMP! 2016 Calendar

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Submit Photos Starting Sept. 1/2015 until Sept. 22nd 2015

Do you have what it takes?

Prize includes a trip to Montreal, flight, hotel, a photoshoot with photographer Rick Day, and 1 spot in the 2016 PUMP! Calendar (plus some PUMP! Gear of course!)
The PUMP! Model Contest is Back! Looking for the best and most popular PUMP! models to star in our 2016 Calendar and more.

To enter into this competition
1) Follow @pumpunderwear on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
2) Snap a shirtless photo that includes your face and not showing any brand logos (unless it’s PUMP! of course)
3) Post it on ONE OF Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or Direct Upload Below with the hashtag


Once you see your photo appear on this page, use the share icon to share your entree. SHARE IT! Encourage your followers, friends and family to VOTE VOTE VOTE…Voting can ONLY be done on this page by clicking the thumbs up, directly on your photo here on our site. 8 of the top 10 finalists will be the ones with the most votes. PUMP! will also choose their favourite 2 entrees to add into the 10 lucky finalists.


Voting is done directly on your photo that is on our website and not social media likes so please share the photo you posted here to get votes.

The Top 10 finalists will then post a new entry photo wearing PUMP! Underwear and the winners will be chosen. Then it’s off to Montreal, Canada for the photo shoot with Rick Day and a stash of PUMP! gear – naturally.

So what are you waiting for? Get entering and don’t forget the hashtag!

Bryant Wood in PUMP! Fever Jock

Any fitness enthusiast or health fanatic has heard of Bryant Wood, one of the newest successes in the fitness training and modelling world.  Featured on countless magazine covers, store decals, and more, PUMP! is thrilled to have had Wood featured in our photo campaigns – where he truly shined and produced an outstanding final product.

Seeing as he’s one of our most popular models, we decided to feature the esteemed bodybuilder and model for an exclusive interview with PUMP!

Check out the interview with Bryant Wood