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Sexy Archives - PUMP! Underwear

1.  Playful and Sexy Fabrics

PUMP! True Blue Joggers

Nothing gets the heart racing like exotic and light fabrics that rest easy on the body. Sheer and mesh designs offer ultimate breathability, while simultaneously sculpting and contouring to the body with suggestive and sexual overtones. These types of experimental quality fabrics are what truly re-appropriates underwear from a simple garment to a stylish fashion statement. So don’t hide behind basic underwear – bring out your full potential with playful and sultry materials that will have your underwear do all the talking.

2.  Vibrant and Bold Colors

PUMP! Touchdown Flash Boxer

Your underwear is a direct reflection of your personality, and although the typical white, black, and grey palette is sleek and casual, they do nothing to entice and expose the fun and wild side that you have deep within. Show off your goods in electric neons, bright primaries, and vivid hues that will spice up the bedroom with a hot and attracting allure. Vibrant and bold colors draw all the attention right where you want it, livening things up for whenever you want them to.  

3.  Form Fitting and Body Enhancing Outlines

PUMP! - True Blue Jock

Turn up the heat with shape flattering cuts that heighten your most valuable assets. Package boosting cups and rear lifts hypnotize those in your proximity, emanating a longing desire that craves for more. Form fitting and body enhancing silhouettes seduce the eyes and stimulate an arousal that seeks to ravage the body with an eager and passionate hunger.  Form fitting and body enhancing silhouettes shape the body with for a lustworthy sex appeal – and remember, the bigger the package, the bigger the desire.

4.   Statement Waistband

PUMP! Touchdown Cruise

Without doubt, everyone loves glimpsing that peek of underwear resting at your waist as your pants slide against your butt – and what better way to make a statement, than with an eye-catching waistband? Whether for its thickness, or for its daring pop or contrasting color(s), a man’s waistband draws immediate attention, saying a lot about his personal style and his potential in the bedroom. Be sure your waistband’s personality is daring, bold, and lively, or bored eyes may wander on to the next guy in their path.

5 .  Wild and Fun Patterns


GRAND PRIX Boxer (no longer available)

Bring about a mysteriously tempting charm to your underwear with wild and fun patterns. No one can resist but notice a lively print or graphically constructed underwear that showcases amusingly captivating and flirtatious motifs or designs. Patterned underwear can range from optic illusions, repeated graphic impressions, or symmetrical fashion attributes – of which are all meant to lure and impress those in view, intriguing them to want to see more.



Jock straps are becoming increasingly widespread as fashion garments and as a more comfortable, supportive alternative to typical underwear – but what is the history of the jockstrap? Modern jock straps may often go down the sexier route but the origins of the jock aren’t quite as glamorous

History of the Jockstrap - PUMP!'s range

As you’ve probably guessed, the history of the jockstrap started in the world of sport. More specifically – cyclists who were having a rough time on the cobbled streets of Boston, MA. Too much jostling and .. well you can imagine. The jock strap was designed by the company BIKE in 1874 as an “athletic supporter” that would protect the cyclists’ goolies as they cycled about. Hence the name ‘BIKE’ which, if you’ve seen it on a modern jock, may well have you thinking the wrong thing…

1941 Jockstrap Ad

In fact you may assume that the word ‘jock strap’ is just something that an American ‘jock’ straps himself into… But it comes from the original name of the garment as a ‘jockey strap’ – not for a jockey on a horse,but a ‘jockey’ on a bike, or a deliveryman. In fact, the word ‘jock’ meaning ‘athlete’ comes from the fact they wear jock straps! Phew. Love a bit of etymology.

Wider usage of the jock strap came in 1927 when a Canadian company added a hard cup to give athletes protection against stray hockey pucks and studded boots. And since then it’s been a staple for North American ‘jocks’, without ever gaining quite as much popularity in Europe.

History of the Jockstrap - sporting roots

You may not be aware but there are a number of types of athletic jocks – from swimmer jocks designed to protect a swimmer’s modesty under his trunks to the traditional thick-banded athlete’s jockstrap. For hockey you can get ones with garter hooks to attach your socks to and super-protective ones for the unenviable job as goalie… The mind boggles.